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By Morgan Nicholls,
student in the UGA Health Promotion & Behavior program

The winter season often conjures up images of bonfires, snowflakes, holidays, and cold weather. And when the temperature outside actually starts to drop, it seems as though our activity level drops as well.

The winter months are arguably the most important time to stay active in order to offset all of the holiday treats and large family meals. Chilly air outside may want to keep you indoors, but there are plenty of indoor activities to keep your winter full of fun and fitness. Do not be afraid to stay inside this winter, but stay active while you do it!

Athens YMCA & YWCO

Put some summer in your winter by enjoying an indoor pool. Swimming can be one of the greatest exercises for the entire body, but wintertime can prove restricting. The indoor pools at the Athens YMCA and YWCO, though, are not only right around the corner from you, but they are equipped with a shallow end, a deep end, and lanes to swim laps. There are also swim lessons available for those who need guidance with their swimming. Splashing and swimming around with family and friends is a great way to stay active in the winter months!

The pools are not the only things that these organizations have to offer. There are gymnasiums and fitness centers, and the YMCA even has indoor racquetball courts. These are all great places to get in a cardiovascular workout that you may not have otherwise during the winter.

The Athens area YWCO is a nonprofit organization aimed at promoting healthy lifestyles for the whole family. There are programs for adults, children, and entire families as well. Facilities include a fitness center, indoor pool, gymnasium, and classrooms. Do not let the winter keep you away from the YMCA and YWCO, where there are programs to keep you moving and warm during the cooler months.

Get involved in the community, meet people, and stay active! For more information about these organizations and their services, visit and

Athens Skate Inn & Skate-A-Round Roller Rinks

The cold outdoors may keep you from roller blading outside, but luckily there are two indoor sites where you are able to skate in Athens. Athens Skate Inn and The Skate-A-Round roller rinks are open year-round to the public. They offer planning for a variety of events such as birthday parties, and they provide occasional skate lessons, too. This is a fun way to stay active in the winter! There are great specials offered different days of the week, concessions, and a fun time to be had by all. Check out their websites for more information, and

Aero Fit

Trampolining is fun for everyone, and most of us hardly think of it as exercise. At Aero Fit, you can jump on trampolines for a great workout, burning up to 1000 calories in one class. The custom created trampoline park is perfect for all ages and stages of life. The site offers instructor-led classes, event planning, and open jumping where kids can just have a blast. Aero Fit has two missions … to have fun and to stay fit. In the colder months, this is a great way to make it feel a little bit like summer. For more information about this great indoor physical activity visit


Active Climbing

Hiking and rock climbing are often considered summer activities, but they don’t have to be! At Active Climbing, all ages and skill levels are able to rock climb indoors. This site one of the most affordable in all of Georgia, but does not compromise on service. Camps, lessons, free climbing, and more are all available at Active Climbing.

Rock climbing is a great upper body workout that is fun and that brings out determination and challenges. It is a great way to stay active in the winter, breaking a sweat even with chilling temperatures outside. Check out the facility website for more information on pricing, hours, and more at


Core Soccer

Soccer is a great sport to stay physically fit with all the running that takes place. Playing a pick-up game in your backyard is difficult if there is a wind chill or possibly snow on the ground, but this obstacle was overcome when Core Soccer opened up an indoor soccer field and soccer league. Core Soccer offers leagues for all ages, and renting the field is also an option if committing to a league is difficult. The games are played four versus four in order to allow for the most contact with the ball and a great exercise. This site is great for bringing summer sports to the winter! Stay physically fit and play the game you love at Core Soccer. Visit their website for more information at

Pump It Up

Inflatables are often seen at the occasional birthday party or large events. At Athens area Pump It Up, they are available for play all year long! Kids and adults alike have the opportunity to get exercise by running, jumping, and playing, while having loads of fun at the same time. The spacious indoor arenas house inflatable slides, jumping houses, obstacle courses, and much more.

Space can be rented for any special occasion, and there are also designated times when kids can come and jump during free play. They even have drop-off camps when school is out for holidays, breaks, and summer. Exercise does not have to always feel like exercise but it is necessary for a healthy life. Pump It Up creates an innovative atmosphere for kids to feel a special sense of adventure while discreetly getting in a cardiovascular workout. Inflatables are often associated with the summer time, but at Pump It Up the feeling of climbing and jumping can be a year-round pastime. Learn more about pricing, booking parties, and hours of operation at their website,

Whether you jump rope in your own garage, take turns on the mini-tramp in your family room, or go all out at one of the facilities mentioned in this article, you can (and should!) have fun and stay fit even when the weather keeps you inside this winter. So grab your brothers, sisters, and friends, and dive/run/jump/play/climb into a winter FUNderland this year!

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