Start Your Pets Slowly

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You wouldn’t run a marathon after not working out at all for a month … would you?? So please don’t do this to your pets! Dogs, cats, and horses need regular workouts before they can handle large amounts of exercise. Taking them out occasionally for a run is dangerous for them, just as it is for you!
Here are some ways to get your pet up to speed with you:


  1. Learn about his breed. Is he built to run sprints or long distances or just a casual jog?
  2. Begin slowly and build interest. It takes time to train a pet as well as to get him interested in running as exercise, so do some playful running first.
  3. Pay attention. If your pet is tired, he’ll stop running, or at the very least slow down. Follow his lead … he will know what he needs.
  4. Track his mileage. I know that sounds silly, but you do it for yourself … why not him? You’ll soon learn what his limits are, and you’ll also be aware as his stamina increases.


Remember that cats aren’t exactly the best candidates for group aerobics class.

So be creative:

  1. Cats like to climb, so find a multi-level tree or tower specifically designed for felines.
  2. Cats like to chase silly objects, too. Consider purchasing a laser pointer toy with a beam or red dot that your kitty will chase … and chase and chase.
  3. Find other chase toys, like (fake) mice or birds, that she will naturally stalk.
  4. Let your cat take the lead. When she’s tired, she’ll stop playing. Try a new game or toy, and change them up often because cats are easily bored with repetitious play!



They may look strong and agile – and when in good condition they are! – but horses need exercise, too.

  1. Have a large animal vet examine your horse before you start an equine exercise program.
  2. Know how to check your horse’s heart rate to maintain healthy workout levels.
  3. Set a schedule and keep to it. Again, your vet will help you determine a safe schedule based on your horse’s current and desired fitness.
  4. Warm up your horse before a workout … cool down afterward … and take adequate breaks during all workouts. This will help prevent injuries and establish trust between you and your equine partner.

With all your pets, be sure you keep them well hydrated and healthfully fed. They need water and nutrition just as you do! Find out more by visiting at this link and

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