Tall on Talent: Tabby Mays

November 14th, 2011 | By Marjie No Comments

Georgia Juniors Volleyball Club welcomed Tabby Mays to its traveling team this year.  Chosen as an alternate for the 14s club previously, Tabby was chosen this time to play on the 16s team.

“I was a little nervous this time,” said Tabby, “because I hadn’t made the team the first time.  I wondered how it would be to play up on the 16-year-old team, but I was the tallest player, so that helped.”

Tabby and her mom, Rachel Mays-Roberts, weren’t completely comfortable with her ‘playing up’ with the 16s, but in the end, Rachel was pleased that her daughter was very well accepted by the coaches and team.  “The parents were all very welcoming, and it was a great community to be a part of.  This just ended up being such a blessing for Tabby; it really made a difference in her growth as a player.”

Tabby, whose j.v. season at Athens Academy just finished, felt the club experience helped her increase her confidence level and her ability to focus on using all her strengths.  Her height normally keeps her playing in the middle, but the coach is pushing her to go outside as a hitter.  Tryouts for the next season with Georgia Juniors Volleyball Club are coming up in November, and Tabby plans to try out in her own age group then.

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