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Most of us are gearing up for spring and summer sports, so fall season seems like a long way off. And for some recreation, church-sponsored, and school programs, it is. For others, NOW is the time they are holding tryouts and organizing teams and practices. So, if you and your kids are planning to play an organized sport this fall, NOW is also the time for you to be connecting with those programs!

Many sports – individual and team alike – hold competition in both spring and fall. These multi-season sports include tennis, rugby, dance, swimming, diving, cross country, and gymnastics, among many others. We didn’t focus on those sports in this article because they are formed, generally speaking, at the beginning of their seasons, so participants usually do not have to sign up well in advance.

Some recreation, church-sponsored, and privately-sponsored programs, though, are already taking registrations. These are the opportunities we chose to mention in this issue of Athens MOVE, because we heard last year that families needed signup information well ahead of time; some had missed playing last fall because they didn’t register in time.

So here is a list of organizations and programs you will want to contact right away if anyone in your family is interested in playing any of these sports during the fall season:








Athens United Soccer Association (S)

Oconee Futbol Club (S)

Athens Volleyball Academy (V)

Downtown Ministries Sports (C, F)

Northeast Georgia Youth
Football Conference (F)

East Athens Little League (B, SB)

Athens Little League (B, SB)

Oconee Little League (B, SB)

Athens -Clarke County
Leisure Services (S)

Oconee County Parks and Recreation Department (F, FF, S, SB)

Madison County Parks & Recreation Department (S)


Athens YMCA (F, S)

We tried to include major recreation programs in this list. If you have participated in team or individual sports with other organizations, or if you are aware of additional information that may be helpful to Athens MOVE readers, please contact us at We’ll put them on our Facebook page and website so others can be aware of them, too.

In the meantime, as you consider how you want to get involved in sports this fall, not only will you want to sign up for the activities you are interested in … you’ll also want to think about what you’ll be doing this summer to get in shape for the fall season!

Adults and kids alike should be getting outdoors and MOVING all summer. Whether you’re riding your bikes, swimming at a lake or pool, hiking, walking/jogging (all of which are great family activities, by the way!), you’ll want to keep your muscles in shape so they are ready for practices and games this fall. If you know you’re going to play flag football, football, baseball, or softball, be sure you’re throwing every day. Your shoulder and back muscles will thank you for it this fall. The same holds true for all sports. Grab your volleyball and some volleyball friends, form a circle, and practice passing the ball around. Take your soccer ball into the yard and work on agility and footwork. Get your T and head to the diamond for batting practice; if you can’t get to the field, take 100 swings a day with your bat, just to keep your back, arms, and shoulders loose.

Grown-ups, especially, should be working throughout the summer. Adult bodies need more time to prepare for running, jumping, and throwing. The best way to avoid injury is to stay in shape and keep your muscles toned.

So make those calls … register for your sports … and then get MOVING this summer so you’re ready to play this fall!

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