Olympian Performances Continue in Athens

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UGA Olympians

Swimming & Diving

Yousef Alaskari (Kuwait) Incoming freshman

Chris Colwill (USA) Former Bulldog

Andrew Gemmell (USA) Rising junior

Kara Lynn Joyce (USA) Former Bulldog

Matias Koski (Finland) Incoming freshman

Brittany MacLean (Canada) Incoming freshman

Sarah Poewe (Germany) Former Bulldog

Troyden Prinsloo (South Africa) Former Bulldog

Allison Schmitt (USA) Rising senior

Wendy Trott (South Africa) Former Bulldog

Shannon Vreeland (USA) Rising junior

Amanda Weir (USA) Former Bulldog

Ediz Yildirimer (Turkey) Incoming freshman

Track & Field

Jenny Dahlgren (Argentina) Former Bulldog

Debbie Ferguson-McKenzie (Bahamas) Former Bulldog

Hyleas Fountain (USA) Former Bulldog

Sultana Frizell (Canada) Former Bulldog

Andras Haklits (Croatia) Former Bulldog

Reese Hoffa (USA) Former Bulldog

Kibwe Johnson (USA) Former Bulldog

Martin Maric (Croatia) Former Bulldog

Levern Spencer (St. Lucia) Former Bulldog

Jarryd Wallace (USA Paralympic team) Former Bulldog


Brittany Rogers (Canada) Incoming freshman

Men’s Tennis

John Isner (USA) Former Bulldog


Lizzie Reid (England) Former Bulldog

Every four years, The Olympic Games gathers thousands of athletes from around the world for the biggest and most spectacular sporting event ever and London 2012 did not disappoint.  For two weeks, the world’s best athletes gave their all in hopes of winning a gold medal, signifying that they are the world’s best in their sport.  Many were thrilled to get a silver or bronze medal and others were just happy to represent their country and be a part of the whole Olympic experience in London. How amazing it must have been to be right there to watch these athletes compete.  To hear the crowds, to see every moment of the action, to feel the energy of the competition, to witness the highs, the lows and all the drama.  Very few of us may have the chance to go to see an Olympic completion but that doesn’t mean we can’t see Olympic athletes compete right here in Athens. Many current and future Olympic athletes train and compete at UGA and often in sports that you can go see for FREE! At the 2012 Olympic Games, 26 former, current and future UGA Bulldogs competed in sports like swimming, diving, tennis, gymnastics and several other events.  Some of the more recognized names are Reese Hoffa who won a bronze medal for shot put, Allison Schmitt who won five medals in swimming including three gold, and Shannon Vreeland who also won a gold medal in a swimming relay.  Others did really well like John Isner who lost to Roger Federer in close quarterfinals match and Andrew Gemmell, who missed qualifying for the finals of the 1500 meter Freestyle(30 lengths of the pool) by only .03 seconds. Of the UGA affiliated athletes, 15 of the 26 were not on the U.S. Team but actually represented their home countries.  Current and future UGA swimmers competed for Kuwait, Finland, and Turkey.  Incoming freshman Brittany Rogers helped her Canadian gymnastics team reach the finals and she finished 7th in the vault.  The strong international representation from UGA is a reflection of the great coaching and facilities that attracts students from all over the world.  These same facilities and coaches also attract many other Olympic athletes from across the U.S. and around the world that come to train and often live in Athens. Five UGA incoming freshman had to hurry home from competing in the Olympics so they could pack up and head to Athens to start their college career.  It will be exciting to watch and cheer on not only these but other current and future UGA student athletes that will become Olympians.  Who knows, we might even see Olympic sensation Missy Franklin, who is being recruited heavily by UGA swim coach, Jack Bauerle.  That would be great, but with or without Missy, there are lots of great current and future Olympians at UGA. So don’t feel bad that you didn’t get to go to London for the Olympics.  There will be plenty of great Olympian performances right here in Athens over the next four years and they are cheaper and much easier to get to0.  Follow all the athletes and get a complete schedule of games and meets at www.georgiadogs.com.

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